I purchased my first SLR camera, a Pentax Spotmatic, in 1970. The Spotmatic was one of the first commercial cameras with a built in light meter, quite crude by todays standards. I became immediately enthralled with photography, using it to capture an epic summer long van trip around the country as a right of passage into adulthood with several friends.

In the 70’s, at the University of Florida, I was able to take several courses with Jerry Uelsmann, the master of the manipulated print of those days - a phenomenal teacher of darkroom technique. I loved working in the alchemy of the darkroom, which was a meditation of sorts. Even in the days of black and white and film, print manipulation was already a refined art. It was a time of film, darkrooms and manual photography, manual focus, and limited exposure assistance. Professor Uelsmann told us about a relatively unknown photographer of the time that he had done workshops with. He even recommended a purchase of one of that photographers prints, one of them being “Winter Sunrise … from Lone Pine”, for about $750, and that it could be a great investment. I had no money. The photographers name was Ansel Adams. Adams subsequently became my greatest influence of the time.

In the late 80’s I met a photographer named Clyde Butcher. I was immediately struck by his work, and remembering the Adams investment experience, started buying some of his early works. He taught me that there is tremendous drama and emotion in the Florida landscape, in contrast to the western mountains. Having grown up in Florida, I had always considered Florida landscape boring. I learned that cumulous clouds were the mountains of the Florida landscape and slowly developed a profound love of the old Florida, that I had taken for granted in my youth.

Photography was pushed into the backseat as I pursued a professional career. In the 80s and 90s I developed a newfound passion of underwater photography. It was the Nikonas camera that taught me a new appreciation for color in the photographic image.

In my medical career as a physician and Radiologist, I worked with and reviewed images of all of the ravages and maladies of life: sickness and disease, trauma, tragedy, malignancy- mostly in black and white. Surprisingly, in the aesthetic sense, even medical images can have a certain beauty, but the situational reality warps the appreciation.

In my reincarnated current photography world, I am now fortunate enough to pursue and fully appreciate the images of the majesty and beauty in life - landscape, nature, wildlife and wonder. I am enthralled in chasing life’s beauty in all of its photographic forms and myriad of manifestations. I am so blessed to have the modern digital photographic tools and skills that allow me to capture and interpret life's magnificent positive side - and all of the associated magic and wonder.

Thanks for enjoying it with me.


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